Kissing Snowflakes, by Abby Sher

Kissing Snowflakes, Abby Sher’s first novel, isn’t outstandingly original, but it features plausible characters and a solidly entertaining storyline. The book reads like a Molly Ringwald movie, but fans of YA romance novels shouldn’t find that off-putting.

Fifteen-year-old Sam has been forced to accompany her father and his new wife on a trip to a Vermont skiing lodge, and she’s determined not to enjoy herself—until she meets Drew, a blond, self-confident skiing instructor who exhibits a flattering desire to shower her with cheesy pick-up lines. Drew’s not really Sam’s type, but at least he’s better than the innkeeper’s quietly judgmental son Eric, who keeps running into Sam at her absolutely worst moments....

There’s never any real mystery as to who Sam is going to end up with (Let’s see: conceited, sexually aggressive skiing instructor versus sardonic artist type—where’s my Magic 8 Ball?), and frequent readers of YA novels will see all of Sher’s plot twist coming a mile off. On the other hand, it’s not like most people read teen romances for their nail-biter plots, and this thoughtful, amusing, well-written book is sure to be enjoyed by fans of the genre.
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