Nothing says "class" like a little zebra print.

While visiting the Neiman Marcus website, admiring the (still massively, massively overpriced) clearance items, I ran across this "Pemberly Manor" bed linens set, priced at the, um, very reasonable price of $1,629.90. (On sale!!!) Now, I'm all about the Pride and Prejudice tie-ins, but I'm having some trouble picturing Elizabeth and Darcy living with a bedspread that a) featured that much zebra print action, and B) was so jaw-droppingly ugly.
Posted by: Julianka


25 Nov, 2006 08:02 PM @ version 0

Note that the $1600 only covers the BEDSPREAD, not any of the assorted flotsam that goes with it. I would only pay that much if they included an actual zebra.

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