"You better watch yourself." Seriously, film?

Behold, the dark-and-sexy new film take on Little Red Riding Hood:

Okay... that looks hilarious, and unintentionally so. I am so there.

P.S. Is it just me, or did they steal most of their costuming/make-up ideas from The Princess Bride? The long red outfit, the pale blue dress, the pulled-back long blonde curls... it all looks very Robin Wright, doesn't it?
Posted by: Julianka


18 Nov, 2010 03:05 AM @ version 0

It looks like that M. Night Shyamalan movie, The Village, and just as predictable.

19 Nov, 2010 12:36 AM @ version 0

Heh. It does, yes... but at least this one appears to acknowledge its inherent cheese factor, unlike The Village.

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