Kiyoko Arai

Kiyoko Arai’s Beauty Pop is the oft-told shōjo story of a quiet girl attending a high school that’s ruled by a group of gorgeous male bullies… but in Arai’s story, the bullies are the sons of Japan’s greatest beauticians, and they hold their fellow students in thrall by periodically choosing one lucky student to receive the perfect makeover. Meanwhile, the heroine is sneaking around like a hairstyling Robin Hood, giving beautiful haircuts to those students that the bullies have deemed too ugly to be worthy of their help.

None. This series is perfectly awesome.

Everywhere. This title has been picked up by Shojo Beat magazine, which means that it will retail for $8.99, a dollar less than most manga volumes.

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Posted by: Julia


16 Nov, 2005 01:36 AM @ version 0

I love, love, LOVE this series. Is it hosted anywhere online?

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