New and (much, much) improved

I've been waiting a long time for somebody to give Lucy Maud Montgomery's books new cover art. I've seen a few decent-looking editions of Anne of Green Gables recently, but nobody seems to be leaping to renovate Montgomery's lesser-known works... with one happy exception: my favorite of her independent stories, The Blue Castle. Here's the butt-ugly edition of my childhood, which, sadly, is still widely available:

And here's the new version:

Not exactly mind-blowing, but way better, huh? Tasteful and grown-up. I'm not sure how widely available this edition is in the U.S.*, but you could probably special-order it. This charming, funny, starry-eyed romance is totally worth the effort of a little hunting.

*The big online stores say they have it, but let's face it: they lie.
Posted by: Julianka


24 Oct, 2007 05:38 PM @ version 0

I thought that bottom book said "Voyeur Classics", and I was getting a little worried about you guys. Good thing it was actually "Voyageur"...

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