What price weirdness?

I love Lewis Carroll's stuff, and I didn't blink an eye when, in 1999, Martin Gardner's lovely Annotated Alice was priced at $29.95. It's a beautiful and staggeringly well-researched book, and I thought it was worth every penny.

I'm not as certain about the Annotated Hunting of the Snark, though. It's not that the poem isn't fantastically strange (its subheading is "An Agony in Eight Fits"--what's not to like about that?), it's just that... well, it's a poem. A long poem, sure, but it's not a full-length novel, and yet the book costs $27.95. That seems a little steep, even for a book of such extreme awesomeness.

Still, Christmas is coming...
Posted by: Julianka


23 Oct, 2006 05:55 AM @ version 0

This is one of those authors that you just have to read.

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