Thanks to the wonderfully informative Austenblog, I am now aware of TWO October Austen theater adaptations. The first is a musical (!!!) version of Emma, which is currently playing in New York. Apparently, this adaptation is by some guy named Paul Gordon, who was also responsible for a musical version of Jane Eyre. Now, while I have no problem imagining the Jane Eyre show--in fact, Bronte's novel seems like an ideal fit for an overwrought, vibrato-filled, hair-wrenching extravaganza--my brain is having trouble picturing Mr. Knightley soulfully belting out a ballad called "Emma".

It just... fails to compute.

Anyway, the second play is an (thankfully non-musical) adaptation of Northanger Abbey, and it looks really cute. It's due to open in late October in New York.
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