Barbara Vine

Barbara Vine is Ruth Rendell's self-described "softer, more feminine" alterego. While the Vine novels are considerably longer and they do differ slightly in tone from the Rendell books, don't pick up the books looking for a kinder and gentler version of a Rendell mystery. Regardless of which name she uses, Ms. Rendell is never a particularly kind-hearted author. Entertaining, brilliant, and absorbing, yes. Soft, feminine, or even semi-charitable toward her characters? Not so much.


Everywhere, and I distantly recall an excellent Mystery! version of A Dark-Adapted Eye. I think it starred Helena Bohnam-Carter.

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Posted by: Julia


The Angry Carrot
The Angry Carrot
29 Mar, 2005 08:45 AM @ version 0

Let me second the rec of the "Dark-Adapted Eye" film. Excellent but v. disturbing.

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