Watered down

I was reading Roger Sutton's always-delightful Horn Book Blog, and ran across a post on Cornelia Funke's upcoming novel Reckless. Sutton's post quotes the Reckless press release (which I have not read):

"This sweeping story, which will delight Funke’s legion of fans and garner her new ones, was inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales and developed with film-maker Lionel Wigram, executive producer of the Harry Potter films and producer/co-writer of the recent Sherlock Holmes blockbuster."

Sutton has an elegant, pointed comment to make, but I'm pretty much stuck on "GYAH!". I'm sorry, but if you're already retelling a classic story (I'm assuming that what the "inspired by" bit means) PLUS you're working with someone else--someone who will presumably be assisting you to shape your story into something Hollywood-friendly--how much creativity can possibly be left?
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