Herbie Brennan

As with pretty much all fantasy stories published in the past decade, Herbie Brennan’s Faerie Wars series is routinely compared to Harry Potter, although the two series have almost nothing in common.

The Faerie Wars series, while entertaining and creative, cannot be called ideal Wordcandy--Brennan has introduced several storylines and characters that have gone absolutely nowhere, and we here at Wordcandy frown upon that kind of thing--but the series is only halfway over and I am hopeful that things will improve. The first book introduced a pleasant young hero named Henry with an unhappy home life who, after some intriguing science fiction/fantasy plot maneuvering, gets tangled up in the magical and political affairs of another world. The second book shifts the focus to Henry's would-be love interest, the Faerie Princess Holly Blue... while totally ignoring several questions left dangling in the first book. But even if Brennan never tidies up the series’ loose ends, the Faerie Wars stories are still fun reads for fantasy fans looking for teen-appropriate stories in the sci-fi/fantasy vein.

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