Jennifer Colt

Jennifer Colt
Jennifer Colt is the author of The Butcher of Beverly Hills, an action-packed story about two redheaded twin sisters (one an uptight university grad, the other a lesbian ex-con with a wickedly bent sense of humor) who run a struggling P.I. agency in Los Angeles. When a friend of their aunt calls on them for help, they find themselves embroiled in a case involving missing jewelry, miniature dogs, and a disturbingly incompetent plastic surgeon. The Butcher of Beverly Hills is the only book I’ve ever read that can truly be called a worthy successor of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. (And seeing as even Janet Evanovich hasn’t managed to write another series that’s worthy of succeeding her Stephanie Plum books, that’s really quite a compliment.)

The sequel to The Butcher of Beverly Hills was originally due out in January, 2006. Then it was shelved until June, in order to give the first book a longer chance to hook readers. I sympathize--sort of--but having to wait an extra six months was very, very sad.


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