2007: WOOT!

So here's the flip side of our "Best of 2006" list on the main site--the top ten things we're looking forward to in 2007. We're happy to report that there's a ton of stuff coming out over the next year that makes our palms sweat, starting with...

1. The last Gregor the Overlander book. Suzanne Collins' hugely entertaining series was my favorite literary discovery of 2006, and I am really looking forward to the last book. Every book in this series has been an improvement on the book before, so my hopes (and expectations) are sky-high.

2. The million Wordcandy film adaptations coming out. Hollywood is making movies of everything from The Golden Compass to Blood and Chocolate, so we're hoping at least one of them will be halfway watchable.

3. Lisa Kleypas's first non-historical romance. Kleypas is our favorite historical romance novelist, so we're pretty stoked about her upcoming modern novel Sugar Daddy (despite the title, which... ew.)

4. Not one but two Jennifer Crusie collaborations! Sure, her collaborations are only half as good as her independent novels, but if she's writing two of them that should equal one full Crusie novel, right?

5. Jane Austen TV miniseries! Mansfield Park, Persuasion, and Northanger Abbey. Austen looks good on TV...

6. ...but if historical romances don't float your boat, there's the Nora Roberts TV adaptations. Sure, they look terrible, but I'm pretty sure Meg has already programmed her TiVo.

7. A new Kelley Armstrong novel, as well as another installment in her current series. Ms. Armstrong is one of the best writers currently producing girly horror/fantasy, and anything new from her is something to look forward to. Exit Strategy comes out on July 1st, and it looks like it's going to feature some hot mafia action.

8. A new Susan Juby book--one that doesn't star Alice MacLeod! (That's a tough concept to wrap my head around, but I'm trying.) Another Kind of Cowboy is coming out in the fall.

9. Further installments in some of our favorite series. We're particularly excited about new books in the Sisters Grimm, Sammy Keyes, and Holly Black's fantasy series.

10. And, last but not least, the last Harry Potter book. Rowling's series holds a unique place in our cultural landscape, and we're hoping that young Harry is retired in the highest possible style.
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