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Jul 7 2016

Be back soon.


A note to our beloved readers: as I will be on traveling next week in a place with iffy internet access, I am officially giving myself a week off. The occasional book-related thought might be shared on our Twitter account, however, so...

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Dec 31 2008

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year's Eve, guys! The Wordcandy staff will be back on Monday with a full week's worth of reviews, book news, and new contest information. In the meantime, have fun, be careful, and don...

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Jun 5 2007

We are BACK...

...and to celebrate our return to the vitally important world of pop-fiction-related blogging, I think somebody needs to send me an e-mail assuring me that this article is actually the world's lat...

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May 19 2007

Out for lunch

Hey, everybody. The Wordcandy staff is currently on vacation, so updates to the blog may be spotty for the next few days. The main site is all loaded up with new releases, though, so please head...

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Aug 23 2006

Be back soon.

Hi, everybody. The Wordcandy staff will be off on a road trip until Tuesday, August 29th (yes, we've all been shanghaied into helping Megan move). Have fun--but not too much fun--in our absence!

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Jun 20 2006

Long weekend

Sorry, everyone. We seem to have taken an impromptu vacation this weekend. It was Father's Day, and there was the Word Cup game, and I was visiting from Ohio... but now we're going to jump back ...

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Apr 6 2006

Out to lunch

The Wordcandy staff is going to be on vacation for the next few days. Julia, Nathan and Meg are meeting up in New York for a long weekend. Lots of book shopping, art and music are on the agenda. W...

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