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Jul 17 2019

I'd rather watch the V.C. Andrews movies, and that's saying something.


Well, this is handy. If you're a Neil Gaiman superfan and you've dreamt of seeing America as portrayed via his (frequently extremely yucky) novel American Gods, the SyFy Channel has designed a road trip for you...

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May 2 2017

I'd go


There's an article on Catapult called "Looking for Anne of Green Gables", about a trip two lifelong Anne of Green Gables fans took to L. M. Montgomery's (and her most famous character's) home. The essayist comes across as a rather unpleasant traveling companion...

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Feb 28 2017

Tour guide


Atlas Obscura recently posted an article called "Exploring Cuba, Guided by Graham Greene". Taking advantage of the recent reconciliation between Cuba and the United States, essayist Luke Spencer sets out to explore Cuba, using Graham Greene’s satirical 1958 spy novel Our Man in Havana as a travel guide...

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Nov 17 2015

It's no Moominworld


According to Jezebel, the Stockholm apartment of Astrid Lindgren, beloved author of the Pippi Longstocking series, is going to be opened to public tours. I was a little confused to hear that no one under age 15 will be admitted, but...

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Aug 19 2014

Ghoulish tourism!


According to The Independent, the Yorkshire house that inspired Jane Eyre's Thornfield Hall is now open to the public. Charlotte Bronte visited the stately home of Norton Conyers in 1839, and heard the legend of "Mad Mary"...

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Jul 2 2014

Questionable, but mostly pretty fun.


As of yesterday, visitors to London can relax on one of the 50 "BookBench" sculptures. Designed by local artists, the unique benches are meant to "celebrate London’s literary heritage and reading for enjoyment". Frankly, I find the art on these suckers... well, variable in quality...

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Jul 1 2014



According to the Huffington Post, the Amsterdam bench featured in John Green's The Fault in Our Stars has gone missing, but before any European-bound mega-fans demand a refund for their plane tickets, city spokesman Stephan van der Hoek has promised the city will correct the situation...

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Mar 24 2011

Read, burn calories, and shop, all at the same time!

I think this is so cool: Washington's King County Library System is offering a series of "Book Cover Walking Tours". The tours turn eight Seattle-adjacent communities into outdoor galleries for b...

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Aug 17 2010

Middle Earth: the theme park?

According to Cinematical, there are rumors that Universal Studios is toying with the idea of making a Lord of the Rings theme park (presumably thanks to the success of its Wizarding World of Harry...

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Nov 3 2009

Out and about

The AP Wire recently posted a story about a dude named Walter Skold, an amateur poet and the founder of the Dead Poets Society of America. (Their tagline: "We dig dead poets... you dig?") Mr. Skol...

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Oct 14 2009

Money would be no object

How much are plane tickets to Rhode Island? Because I totally have to go here:[via ApartmentTherapy]

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Aug 4 2009

Reason number #327 I want to go to Beijing...

...would be this bookstore.Sadly, I suspect I'm a mite too tall to fit in. Also, I don't speak Chinese. Oh, and I'm 30 years old. But I'd still go.

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Mar 20 2009

Rick Steves goes hardcore.

Heh. Okay, not really.Anyway, Salon has a fascinating interview up with the travel writer, who shares his feelings on Iran, ugly American stereotypes, and the decriminalization of marijuana. It ma...

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May 25 2006

Traveling this summer?

I received this book a few years ago from Julia, right before I headed off to Italy for a few weeks. Italy is the kind of place where you can usually get by without knowing much of the language, b...

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