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Jun 13 2019

I can wait. Forever, if need be.


There's a good interview over on Collider about the recent Amazon adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's classic novel Good Omens. The article sounds pretty gushy, and I watched the first few episodes of the show with mild interest, but...

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May 16 2019

It's her one big scene!


As longtime readers of the site know, I frequently find Neil Gaiman a little tough to take, but I'm happy to see that he held out for an important element of the upcoming Good Omens adaptation: the death scene of Agnes Nutter, which was written by co-author Terry Pratchett...

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Apr 14 2016

At long last?


The Guardian has confirmed that Neil Gaiman is working on a 6-part TV miniseries adaptation of Good Omens, the 1990 comedy/fantasy novel he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett. (This is not the first time the idea of a TV adaptation of Good Omens has been floated around, but it seems more official now.) I've always thought of...

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Aug 5 2015

London omake


According to the design blog Creative Review, London's Tube passengers can currently take advantage of a limited-time offer from Penguin UK: from August 3 - 28, commuters with wi-fi can read "exclusive excerpts from novels, as well as author interviews and audio content" via the website...

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Sep 9 2014

Good omens indeed.


According to io9, BBC Radio has announced that Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett are collaborating on the first successful dramatization (after many, many attempts) of their 1990 classic Good Omens, to air this December...

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May 3 2011

Who could eat one of the Wee Free Men?

Cake Wrecks celebrated last month's National Library Week with a collection of absolutely gorgeous book-inspired cakes, including Where the Wild Things Are, Alice in Wonderland, and Beatrix Potter...

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Apr 5 2011

Good Omens to hit British TV

Someone is adapting Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's novel Good Omens into a TV show? But how will they include all the footnotes? Those are my favorite parts!

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Apr 8 2010

Return of the Tiffany

AWESOME. There's a release date up for the next Tiffany Aching novel: I Shall Wear Midnight is coming out on September 28th. We will be there with bells on.We want Terry Pratchett to focus on hi...

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Oct 16 2008

Terry Pratchett keeps on being awesome.

Wordcandy favorite Terry Pratchett has written another essay about his ongoing battle with "posterior cortical atrophy", a rare form of Alzheimer’s--a depressing subject, but one he continues to h...

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Sep 30 2008

Best. Halloween Costume. Ever.

Yes, dear friends, this young woman actually dressed up as Tiffany Aching—toad, frying pan, and all:[Source]

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Jun 19 2008

Terry Pratchett continues to be 100% awesome.

The English bookseller Waterstones has posted a lovely interview with Terry Pratchett on their website. The article was written by Neil Gaiman (who co-authored Good Omens with Pratchett) and feat...

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Mar 4 2008

Hogfather: the movie

We are happy to report that the Sky One made-for-TV movie adaptation of the Terry Pratchett novel Hogfather is finally available here in the U.S. This unique holiday story (Hogfather, the Discwor...

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Jan 2 2008

Best of luck, Mr. Pratchett.

A New Year's Day chat reminded me that I hadn't already posted this:"Terry Pratchett has been diagnosed with a rare form of early onset Alzheimer's, as he announced yesterday with a post to the we...

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Oct 1 2006

Wintersmith, by Terry Pratchett


Terry Pratchett’s third Tiffany Aching book, Wintersmith, has problems. It’s not as uproariously funny as the previous two installments, and both the main plot and the villain are emotionally underwhelming. The book’s dreamlike atmosphere works in a few places, but Pratchett’s constant shifting from humor to pathos to action makes the story’s climax fall a little flat...

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Feb 19 2006

Wordcandy Weekly Book Snippet

A new feature for the blog- snippets of Wordcandy goodness!"Did you know," he said, "my cousin said that in America there's shops that sell thirty-nine different flavors of ice cream?"This even si...

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Nov 3 2004

Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett is like God's gift to fantasy fans. Some of his books might blend a bit together, but Pratchett is witty (capable of making puns funny--it's true! Yes, it can be done!) and he ca...

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