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Sep 20 2017

It works for Game of Thrones locations!


According to the BBC, the upcoming Hellboy reboot was allowed to film inside the 900-year-old Wells Cathedral, but only after church officials checked out the comic book and verified that it was a traditional good-versus-evil story. Nobody has mentioned how much the filmmakers paid for the church's use, but...

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May 18 2016

A bold move


There was a recent post on LaineyGossip about the upcoming AMC show Preacher, which premieres on May 22nd (we originally wrote about it here). According to Lainey, the premiere episode features "a specific joke...

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Apr 14 2016

Bad idea


According to the Tennessean, Tennessee librarians are urging Gov. Bill Haslam to veto a measure that would designate the Bible as the official book of Tennessee. I can think of a number of excellent reasons why they might want to choose another text, but Susan L. Jennings, president of the Tennessee Library Association, came up with...

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Dec 18 2013

Sacred and Splendor, by Elana K. Arnold


Sacred and Splendor, the first two novels from YA author Elana K. Arnold, are ambitious, creative... and totally devoid of editorial judgment or restraint. The books contain a number of intriguing ideas, but the sum total is a hot mess...

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May 11 2006

The Patron Saints of Book Geeks

Well, hello, Saints Lawrence, Catherine of Alexandria, and Jerome...These, my friends, are the holy saints that Catholics like me pray to when we want to ask for something book-related. (Like, say...

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