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Jan 9 2018

Who knew?


There's a review up on the New York Times website of the new Amazon TV anthology series Electric Dreams, based on the short stories of Philip K. Dick. The showrunners seem taken aback by how difficult (and expensive) it was to cram the complexity of their material into 10 hour-long segments, but...

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Aug 29 2017

Money was spent


The promotions for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel are mad fancy: Collider just premiered an “in-world” short film that explains what happened between the events of the first movie, set in 2019, and this sequel, set in 2049. This short takes place in 2036, and features...

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May 9 2017



The first full-length trailer is here for Blade Runner 2049, sequel to Ridley Scott's 1982 film, and it looks amazing. I have no idea what this story will be based on (the original movie was inspired by Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?), but...

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Dec 14 2015

The Man in the High Castle (TV adaptation), by Philip K. Dick


Last week we reviewed Philip K. Dick's 1962 novel The Man in the High Castle, so this week we thought we'd take a gander at the first episode of Amazon Prime's recent TV adaptation of the material. The complete first season of this series is available here...

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Dec 7 2015

The Man in the High Castle, by Philip K. Dick


According to Wikipedia, Philip K. Dick considered his Hugo Award-winning 1962 novel The Man in the High Castle to be his masterpiece, but was too disturbed by his own creation to ever finish a sequel. Seeing as Dick made a career out of churning out disturbing literature, this might seem surprising, but...

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Dec 7 2015

Weekly Book Giveaway: The Man in the High Castle, by Philip K. Dick


This week's Book Giveaway is Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle, which has recently been transformed into a TV miniseries from Amazon. I usually find Dick's ideas more interesting than his actual novels, but what the hell: it's only 274 pages, so it can't be that bad either way...

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Feb 9 2011

It's been so long.

Thank goodness: someone's making a movie adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story! It's been, what, fifteen minutes since the last one? I was beginning to worry the Hollywood PTB had run out of sour...

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Oct 25 2010

Literary casting round-up: sci-fi, fantasy, and The Great Gatsby

Lots of book-to-movie casting news coming out recently:Leonardo DiCaprio has apparently read for the role of Jay Gatsby in the still-up-in-the-air adaptation of The Great Gatsby.Martin Freeman (be...

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May 14 2009

Philip K. Dick heads to the big screen... yet again.

According to TheHollywoodReporter, the next Philip K. Dick novel to score a film adaptation will be his 1974 novel Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said. I've never read this book, but the article inc...

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Mar 21 2006

Hollywood hearts Philip K. Dick

This......becomes this.While some Philip K. Dick purists are convinced that the author is probably spinning in his grave over the casting of poor Keanu, I remain open-minded about this movie. It's...

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Nov 29 2004

Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick was a pretty messed up guy- he was married multiple times, struggled with poorly diagnosed mental illness for much of his life, and never approached the success of fellow writers Fr...

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