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Jul 13 2023

There's some good stuff in their ebay store


According to The Guardian, a first edition copy of JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit was discovered in the Cancer Research UK charity shop in Dundee. The store only sells items for £5 and under, and...

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Jan 3 2023

But why, though?


I am fond of reading all those January articles about cleaning and organization, but I just encountered a bewildering article on Well + Good on how and when we should be disinfecting old/used books. I have so many questions! Did they really need to tell us that...

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Dec 22 2022

How do you hang them up, though?


I am not usually a fan of using books for anything other than reading material, but I am making an exception for the works of Alexander Korzer-Robinson, a UK-based artist who transforms old books into sculptural collages...

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Feb 3 2015

Seriously, I can barely write my name legibly.


According the Guardian, The Huntington Library in California has acquired 52 "unpublished letters, poems and other material" from Jane Austen's mother's family, the Leighs of Adlestrop...

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Jan 8 2015

Book sacrifice


The crafty people over at A Beautiful Mess just posted a tutorial about how to transform an old book into a clutch. As longtime readers of the site know, I always feel a sense of mourning for the loss of any book (no matter how terrible or tattered), but—as luck would have it—their sample book happens to be the perfect literary victim...

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Jun 25 2012

Undoubtedly a scintillating read


Four pages of the seventh-century text De Laude Virginitatis (“In Praise of Virginity”) are going up for sale at Sotheby's next month. De Laude Virginitatis is England's earliest known book written for women. The author—an Anglo-Saxon cleric named Aldhelm—produced a book of advice for the abbess nuns of Barking Abbey, giving them specific pointers on avoiding the “untamed impulses of bodily wantonness”...

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Apr 26 2012

Showroom condition


NPR has a fascinating article up about the 1,300-year-old St. Cuthbert Gospel, which the British Library recently purchased for about 14 million dollars. The Gospel is Europe's oldest intact book, and, if the pictures are to believed, it is in astonishingly good shape.

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May 9 2011

Eat like a superhero

Whoa: somebody from the site Branded in the 80s dug up a copy of DC Comics' Super Heroes Super Healthy Cookbook, a mini cookbook that appeared in the July 1981 issue of Woman's Day. Doesn't the m...

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Sep 21 2010

Looking to waste some time?

Have I got the iTunes app for you: several "classic" Choose Your Own Adventure titles have been launched recently as interactive reading experiences for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Even as a...

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Apr 1 2009

This not an April Fools' joke.

...but it might as well be:Some lucky Slashfood writer picked this charming 1974 cookbook up at a New Jersey booksale, and I am so jealous.

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Jan 16 2009

So wrong...

Behold! A new (to me, at least) Edward Gorey-illustrated book: the cheerfully inappropriate-looking 1965 faux etiquette guide The Recently Deflowered Girl: The Right Thing To Say on Every Dubious ...

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Nov 27 2007


Is it wrong that I totally want this? I mean, it's not like I'm eager to smell like "old English novels, Russian and Moroccan leather bindings, and a soupçon of wood polish", (plus, in my experie...

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