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May 16 2018

He's a nice guy, though!


Man, there's so much to admire about James Patterson. He's ambitious and hard-working and, as this example proves, extremely generous... but he's still a straight-up terrible writer...

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Sep 27 2016



The Independent informs me that James Patterson has decided against publishing a book called The Murder of Stephen King. The book was apparently going to be about...

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Mar 24 2016

I've heard worse suggestions.


Super-mega-bestselling author James Patterson has another plan to boost reading. According to The New York Times, Patterson wants to launch a line called BookShots: a "new line of short and propulsive novels that cost less than $5 and can be read in a single sitting." I have my doubts...

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Jul 22 2010

So dorky, seriously.

My standards are not high when it comes to book trailers, but this one—it's for James Patterson and Maxine Paetro's Private, and a slightly longer version is currently popping up on Hulu—is partic...

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Nov 18 2009

James Patterson fans take note:

Yen Press announced their plans last week to adapt the first three novels in James Patterson's Daniel X series into a manga/manhwa-style trade paperback. Yen's adaptation will feature artwork by K...

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Sep 9 2009

Churning 'em out

Wow: According to the AP Wire, James Patterson has signed on to write seventeen(!!!) books for Hachette in the next three years--11 adult thrillers and 6 YA books.I'm not much of a Patterson fan t...

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May 5 2008

Maximum Ride goes manga-esque

The Free Comic Book Day offering from the up-and-coming group Yen Press was a sneak preview of their manga-style adaptation of James Patterson's Maximum Ride series. I've been excited about this s...

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Mar 14 2008

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, by James Patterson


James Patterson’s Maximum Ride books are an action-adventure/science fiction series featuring a group of genetically engineered bird-human children. There are currently three books in the series*...

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Dec 19 2007

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, by James Patterson


James Patterson has described Maximum Ride as his favorite series, and possibly his best. We totally understand why these books are his favorites, as the first installment in the series...

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Dec 7 2007

Not what I was hoping for

But let's face it: the only news I REALLY want from Yen Press is an announcement of when they'll be releasing the rest of ICE Kunion's titles. (Must... read... Angel Diary....)I suppose their othe...

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