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May 16 2019

This does not seem like a good use of funds.


If you're a hardcore James Bond fan with £2.75 million to spare and space in your garage, Aston Martin has announced the details of their limited run of 1964 DB5s, inspired by the one Sean Connery drove in Goldfinger. The cars will include...

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Sep 3 2015



I've read some surprisingly positive reviews of Anthony Horowitz's new James Bond continuation, Trigger Mortis. Unfortunately (for him), most of the recent buzz around Horowitz...

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Dec 22 2011

Yet more Bond

And speaking of upping the grimness factor in popular movie franchises, Daniel Craig is reportedly in talks to star in five more James Bond films.

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Mar 2 2010

Goldfinger: new and undoubtedly improved

The BBC's Radio 4 is recording a new version (one "more faithful to Fleming’s original 1959 novel than the film version was") of Ian Fleming's classic James Bond novel Goldfinger, with the always-...

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Jul 1 2008

Suspense week

In honor of July 4th (the traditional weekend for big action film releases here in the States), we've decided to feature a variety of mystery/suspense reviews on both the blog and the main site th...

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Jun 5 2008

"Writing as Ian Fleming", huh?

The new James Bond novel is out, and it's written by some guy named Sebastian Faulks: According to the veerrry fine, veerrry pale print between the two authors' names (can you guys even read that...

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Jan 12 2006

Ian Fleming

English author Ian Fleming was the author of fourteen James Bond stories. Charming, intelligent, and ambitious, Fleming was also a hard-drinking womanizer who worked as a journalist and a stockbr...

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