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Dec 4 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Harry Potter necklace


Gift Idea #3 Harry Potter necklace

Etsy is overflowing with Harry Potter-themed jewelry and clothing, but I fell in love with this delicate sterling silver "Glasses" necklace ($34). It manages to be both pretty...

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Dec 3 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Bizarrely specific journals


Gift Idea #2: Blank Books

It doesn't matter what your friends and loved ones are into: trust me, there's probably a journal for it, and journals are almost always a safe and affordable gift. Check out BuyOlympia's wide selection of blank books and guided journals, which offer...

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Dec 3 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Kate Beaton t-shirts


This year we're doing our Wordcandy-approved holiday gift list a little differently: we're going to put together a series of eight mini posts, each featuring a different gift idea. Like always, we're way late with these suggestions (our sincerest apologies to our Hanukkah-celebrating readers), but at least all of our suggestions are well under fifty bucks...

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Jan 18 2013

Semi-useful Valentines


I volunteer at a local children's library, and we are definitely going to be making these Heart-Shaped Page Markers from the website How About Orange for Valentine's Day. They look mega-cute and super easy...

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Dec 11 2012

Wordcandy's 2012 Holiday Gift List


It's time for our annual Holiday gift suggestions, dear readers, and we're totally proud of ourselves for A) choosing reasonably affordable stuff, and B) getting this list out before December 20th. (We aim high.) Anyway, here you go...

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Dec 12 2011

The gift of library signage

One last gift idea:I totally covet this vintage-style wooden "Library" sign from Three Potato Four. The sign was inspired by public library signage from the 1950s, and costs a (relatively) reason...

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Dec 2 2011

Wordcandy's Holiday Gift List: 2011 Edition

It's December, and that means it's time for Wordcandy to release our annual Holiday Gift Guide! We've chosen a variety of deeply awesome potential gifts for the bibliophiles on your shopping list...

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Dec 13 2010

Travel in style to fictional locations

Okay, I'm adding an addendum to our Holiday Gift List. Check out these "Comic Travel Location" posters from artist Justin Van Genderen:Are they not awesome? There are more on Mr. Van Genderen's ...

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Nov 30 2010

Wordcandy's Holiday Gift List: 2010 Edition

It's that time of year again, dear readers—time for our annual list of Wordcandy-friendly gift suggestions! Behold ten of our favorite book-related goods ranging in price from $10 to $100:1.Jonat...

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Oct 25 2010

Decoratin' for the holidays

At $24 per four-foot-long strand, I'm not quite sure what one would do with this Retro Art Deco Bibliophile Garland, but I like it. Maybe if you had a very small, very oddly shaped Christmas tree...?

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Feb 12 2010

Valentine's Day Reading

Hello, darling readers! In honor of Valentine's Day, we'll be featuring two reviews on the site this morning. And because we understand that this is the kind of holiday that inspires mixed emotion...

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Dec 11 2009

Literary gifts for our fellow procrastinators...

It's that time of year again, dear readers: time for us to post our list of Wordcandy-approved holiday gifts! Most of these presents are inexpensive, available online, and (should y'all get your a...

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Dec 10 2009

Holiday cheer on tap

The fine people at have kicked off their second annual "Author Holiday Blogs" feature--a collection of holiday-themed posts by authors ranging from Stephen Coonts to Barbara Delin...

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Oct 26 2009

Strolling with Lovecraft

ApartmentTherapy recently did a very Halloween-friendly post about a H.P. Lovecraft-themed walking tour in Providence’s College Hill, which includes many of the houses featured in his horror stori...

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Feb 24 2009

Fat (and lazy) Tuesday

In honor of Mardi Gras, we'll be taking the day off from book blogging and stuffing ourselves with donuts instead. See y'all tomorrow, okay?

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Jan 21 2009

Birthday gifts

Today's my birthday, and I feel like the universe is totally celebrating it. All kinds of Julia-approved stuff seems to be coming out this week--a brand-spanking-new president, confirmed(!!!) news...

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Dec 31 2008

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year's Eve, guys! The Wordcandy staff will be back on Monday with a full week's worth of reviews, book news, and new contest information. In the meantime, have fun, be careful, and don...

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Dec 24 2008

Be back on Monday, folks.

The Wordcandy staff is taking a short vacation, dear readers. We'll be back on Monday, December 29th, and we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!

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Dec 17 2008

Achewood fans take note:

Today's the last day you can buy stuff from the Achewood online shop and have it delivered by December 25th—and note, too, that Mr. Onstad does his best to support "those even less fortunate than ...

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Dec 10 2008

Wordcandy handles your holiday shopping!

The holidays are here, dear readers, and once again, the brave Wordcandy staff has been on the lookout for the coolest literature-inspired gifts... and, keeping in mind the current financial atmos...

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Nov 10 2008

One last pumpkin and we're done, promise...

But how could we pass up a Jane Austen pumpkin?

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Nov 5 2008

Edward Cullen in squash form.

The MTV Movies Blog asked their readers to send in pictures of their best Twilight-inspired Halloween gear. Most of the costumes were underwhelming (let's face it: red eye-makeup aside, dressing ...

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Nov 4 2008

Recommended reading for anybody stuck in line to vote!

First of all, I'd like to thank whoever decided to make my county mail-in-only, because I do not enjoy waiting in lines. Sadly, however, in plenty of places in this country, people are stuck in ve...

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Oct 31 2008

Last-minute book-inspired costume ideas for the truly lazy (Part II)

And for lazy adults...Guys:Dig out your suit, make some paper chains out of gray paper, and go as Jacob Marley.Ladies:Our Nancy Drew costume idea works for you, too--but the vintage dress (or at l...

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Oct 30 2008

Last-minute book-inspired costume ideas for the truly lazy (Part I)

Let's start with the kids, shall we?Pre-Hogwarts Harry Potter:This one couldn't be easier, less expensive, or more cold-weather-friendly. Dress your kid in oversized, shabby clothes, slap some tap...

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Sep 30 2008

Best. Halloween Costume. Ever.

Yes, dear friends, this young woman actually dressed up as Tiffany Aching—toad, frying pan, and all:[Source]

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Feb 14 2008

Well, it's cheaper than diamonds.

Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers. If you're in the market for an expensive but very, very awesome Valentine gift, the last volume of the world's most offbeat-yet-sublimely romantic manga is on...

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Dec 5 2007

Wordcandy's 2007 Gift List

Well, the holiday season is upon us. On the one hand, that means we're broke. But on the other, it also means that we get to compile our annual list of elegant, affordable, Wordcandy-worthy gift...

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Nov 22 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers.

Here's a picture of the only Thanksgiving book I could think of:Frankly, that's a fairly accurate portrayal of the way I feel after a full day with the relatives.

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Nov 21 2007

Tools of the trade

As a vegetarian, Thanksgiving is fraught with peril. I don't want to be that girl who wanders around poking at everything, asking "Is there lard in this?", so it's easier if I just handle a lot ...

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