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Oct 5 2016

An unholy hybrid


Publishers Weekly informs me that Harlequin has added yet another imprint to its trade program: Graydon House Books will focus on "commercial women's fiction", and plans to start releasing titles by next September. I'd be more excited about this news if...

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Nov 8 2011

Romance Writing 101

Aspiring romance novelists take note: Harlequin is kicking off their second "So You Think You Can Write" contest this week. (Actually, I suspect this event would benefit more than just budding ro...

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Oct 22 2010

Let this DIE, PLEASE.

Why, look at this! Harlequin Books (never famed for their originality) are leaping on the "Jane Austen + supernatural beings" wagon......a mere two years after the rest of the publishing world.

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Sep 28 2009


We still haven't gotten over Harlequin Books' expensive-yet-poorly-made editions of Georgette Heyer's romances, but we admit we're a little tempted by these:The above titles are part of Harlequin'...

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Jun 29 2006

More Harlequin/Dark Horse

I stopped by the bookstore last night, and considered picking up these charming new releases:Happily for my bank balance, I resisted. So far, all of these Dark Horse/Harlequin manga fusions have b...

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Mar 30 2006

Life Comes At You Fast!

So I am not sure how widespread Nationwide Insurance's "Life Comes At You Fast" ad campain is, but as soon as I saw these billboards I knew I had to post them... I thought we might need some clos...

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Jan 9 2006

So, my birthday's coming up....

I love vintage Harlequin romance novels. I love how magnificently cheeseball they can be, with their lurid covers and hopelessly outdated sexual politics, and I admire how instantly entertaining ...

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