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Apr 21 2015

An ongoing and uphill battle


According to the recent NPR article "See Priya Cook", gender bias is prevalent in textbooks worldwide. Women are generally portrayed in subservient or domestic roles, while men are depicted as figures of authority and action...

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Apr 22 2014



There's an article in the Times of London about author and illustrator Jonathan Emmett's suggestion that boys aren't reading because "the majority of publishers, editors, librarians, judges and reviewers of children’s books" are women, and this disparity is apparently enough to convince boys that Books Are For Girls. To which I reply: riiiight...

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Nov 6 2012

The evolution of a magazine


The Atlantic recently posted a slideshow of their coverage of "the changing dynamics between women and men in America", starting with the 1859 article "Ought Women to Learn the Alphabet?" and ending with last month's "The Weaker Sex", by Sandra Tsing Loh...

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