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Mar 8 2012

Christmas is coming... eventually


Behold the Albatros Bookmark, a new kind of bookmark that does the active page-marking for you. After you insert your Albatros bookmark, it automatically re-adjusts itself as you turn each page, so your book always opens to whichever page you were reading last....

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Nov 17 2011

Need to open a secret passageway, Scooby-Doo-style?

Okay, I want one:B.Light Design has created a "Secret Passageway Switch" that uses a hard-bound book (without damaging it) to conceal its true function as an electrical switch. Sadly, it's alread...

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Oct 17 2006

e-book news has an interesting article up about the Sony Reader, a $350 portable e-book device that that has many a pair of book-geek-y hands in a cold sweat. (Not mine, though. You'll have to rip t...

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Dec 11 2005

Wordcandy-friendly Gift Shopping Advice for the Organizationally Impaired!

Still not finished with your holiday shopping? Running low on time and inspiration? We here at Wordcandy have assembled a list of ten book-related gift options, any one of which any book lover w...

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