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Jul 18 2023

Gorey 2024


Next year's Edward Gorey calendar has been released, and it's the most Edward Gorey-esque vibe imaginable. This year, sadly, I went with an adorable Moomin calendar that keeps tearing under its own weight. I didn't realize calendars could even have poor structural engineering, but...

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Jun 14 2023

Not the vibe


I recently got an e-mail from the Edward Gorey House store, informing me that their collection of summer beach towels was now available (currently on sale for $27.95). To be fair, these are some cute towels...

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Dec 8 2022

Holiday Gift Idea 5: the best Dracula


And now we're going with something I already bought myself, because there are some things you just don't leave to chance: this absolutely amazing deluxe edition of Bram Stoker's Dracula from Union Square & Co., featuring the illustrations of Edward Gorey and an introduction by editor Marvin Kaye...

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Oct 15 2019

Spooky on a budget #1: Edward Gorey fonts


In honor of the season (and in light of the shorter week), we've gathered up a collection of free or extremely inexpensive literary-themed suggestions to enhance your Halloween experience.

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Apr 23 2019

An icon


The Daily Beast recently posted an article about Edward Gorey's jewelry collection. I'm always interested in what is deemed newsworthy—I mean, I'm invested in his assortment of skull rings...

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Nov 27 2018

Holiday Gift Pick #2


Gift Idea #2: "I Saw Dracula!" t-shirt, designed by Edward Gorey ($26.95)

This shirt was originally created for the 1977 Broadway revival of Dracula (which featured Edward Gorey's set designs) and would make a wonderful gift for any Gorey fans in your life...

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Oct 16 2018

Bit of a letdown


I can't believe I missed this: next week, PBS is going to start airing a BBC One adaptation of Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White. (You can see a brief trailer here.) My parents' copy...

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Apr 24 2018

If only


If money (and bookshelf space) were no object, I would become a serious collector of Edward Gorey-illustrated book covers. As a book designer and illustrator for Doubleday Anchor in the mid-1950s, Gorey designed about fifty book covers...

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Mar 28 2018



The trailer is out for Eli Roth's adaptation of John Bellairs’ 1973 YA novel The House With a Clock in Its Walls. The movie looks fine, but the real question is: how have I not read this yet?

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Dec 2 2015

Holiday Gift Guide Idea #4: Edward Gorey anything


Gift Idea #4: Any of the many fine goods at the Edward Gorey House Store (prices vary)...

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Feb 22 2013

A fitting tribute


I had planned (and still intend to post, but on Monday) a review of the three books in Amber Kizer's Meridian series, but then Megan pointed out that today's Google Doodle is honoring my beloved Edward Gorey, and it was too magnificent to go unmentioned...

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Jan 29 2009

Edward Gorey's screenplay

And speaking of delicious Dracula-related stuff, what is this?According to the product description:The Black Doll, a little-known and never-produced screenplay by the very well-known and often-pub...

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Jan 16 2009

So wrong...

Behold! A new (to me, at least) Edward Gorey-illustrated book: the cheerfully inappropriate-looking 1965 faux etiquette guide The Recently Deflowered Girl: The Right Thing To Say on Every Dubious ...

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Dec 10 2007

Somewhere, Edward Gorey is spinning in his grave.

Okay, everybody, can you pick out the REAL Gorey cover?Seriously, just look at them. It's not that I don't like the Gorey-esque covers - on the contrary, I think they're remarkably eye-catching - ...

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Dec 28 2006


Sorry about the scarcity of postage around here. We're located in the Northwest, so first our power was out, and then our server is in Taiwan, so the recent earthquake there screwed things up eve...

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Mar 29 2005

Edward Gorey

Contrary to popular myth, Edward Gorey was not British. In fact, he only traveled outside of the United States once, on a trip to the Scottish Isles. Gorey was born in Chicago in 1925, he studie...

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