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Jul 27 2023

Just what every household needs


It's not even August yet, but stores are already beginning to drop their 2023 Halloween merchandise, and this somewhat startled-looking container in the shape of Edgar Allan Poe's head is very, uh, eye-catching...

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Jan 19 2017

All of a piece


Today is Edgar Allan Poe's birthday! And thanks to The Writer's Almanac, I can now add another rumor to my collection of juicy Poe-related trivia: Poe went to West Point, where he may have gotten himself deliberately expelled by appearing nude at drill...

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Apr 22 2014



Wow. This is quite the eye-catcher: according to Boston Magazine, the Edgar Allan Poe Foundation of Boston has chosen sculptor Stefanie Rocknak to create sculpture bronze, life-sized statue honoring author and poet Edgar Allan Poe. Poe is depicted with a suitcase in hand, a raven in front of him, and a dramatically flapping coat...

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Oct 17 2013

Discounted home decor for your inner goth


If you're a member of the discount-furnishings site Joss & Main, they're currently running a sale on Edgar Allan Poe-inspired furniture. (People frequently get confused on how to spell Poe's middle name—“Allan” or “Allen”. I'm pretty sure the former is correct, but J&M hedges their bets by spelling it both ways; “Allan” in the header and “Allen” in the text.) I've never thought of Poe as a "design icon", but whatever...

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Dec 5 2011

Cusack has made worse-looking movies

Okay, so this movie isn't based on a book, but it does feature a fictionalized version of Edgar Allan Poe:

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Aug 9 2011

Supporting Edgar

According the Times, the Edgar Allan Poe House in Baltimore has lost two years' worth of city funding and may now have to close—as a museum, anyway. (It's a designated landmark, so it can't be tor...

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Nov 10 2010

Smelling like Charles Dickens

Artisan candlemaker Paddywax has released a line of author-inspired candles. At $25 per 9oz. glass container, you can now scent your home with candles named after Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, He...

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Aug 30 2010

Edgar Allan Poe fights (or possibly commits) crime

John Cusack has apparently signed on to play Edgar Allan Poe in a (fictionalized) account of the poet's last few days of life. The description of the film on Cinematical mentions something about ...

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