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Nov 19 2012

Weekly Book Giveaway: The Hoboken Chicken Emergency, by Daniel and Jill Pinkwater


In honor of Thanksgiving, this week's Book Giveaway is Daniel and Jill Pinkwater's 1977 classic The Hoboken Chicken Emergency—which, as far I'm concerned, qualifies as one of the Great American Holiday Novels...

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Nov 22 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers.

Here's a picture of the only Thanksgiving book I could think of:Frankly, that's a fairly accurate portrayal of the way I feel after a full day with the relatives.

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Aug 11 2004

Daniel Pinkwater

Daniel and Jill Pinkwater are my idols. Their collaborations (he writes, she illustrates) have produced some of the weirdest, funniest little kids’ books on the planet (including The Hoboken Chic...

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