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Jul 19 2018

Dudes. No.


Man, people are worked up about the upcoming She-Ra reboot, written by Nimona author Noelle Stevenson. Setting aside the creepy details of their thoughts...

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Nov 29 2011

Neil Gaiman gets animated

Last year, it was an episode of Arthur. This year, it's an episode of The Simpsons. Do they give Emmys to people who guest-star on cartoons, and if so, is Neil Gaiman gunning for one?

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Nov 15 2010

Michael Buckley for an older crowd

I caught an episode of Robotomy over the weekend, and while this series was co-created by best-selling children's author Michael Buckley and appears on Cartoon Network, do not assume it is safe fo...

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Jul 15 2010

Upscale goth

Check this out:This, dear readers, is a $30 nail polish set inspired by Morticia Addams. Specifically, the Morticia Addams of The Addams Family Musical, a Broadway production starring Bebe Neuwir...

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