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Oct 6 2011

A bookstore employee's lament

Entertainment Weekly recently posted a photo taken at a former Borders store of an employee's list of grievances:Bits of it are funny, and there are elements I agree with (mostly the ones about re...

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Sep 12 2011

A lack of options

There's an article in PW about the effect the death of Borders has had on Barnes and Noble. According to their CFO, B&N estimates it has picked up $18 million in business in the last quarter from...

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Aug 24 2011

Picking over the remains

Last weekend, while hunting for a particular book for my brother's birthday, I ventured into a Borders store. I usually avoid stores that are closing (they make me feel like a vulture), but I'd a...

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Jul 19 2011

For whom the bell tolls

Well, Borders is officially toast: the troubled bookseller has confirmed it will liquidate its assets. If everything goes as planned, going-out-of-business sales will begin this Friday and contin...

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May 16 2011

Borders trying the "everything but the kitchen sink" approach?

Publishers Weekly has done another post on the rumors surrounding the current state of the troubled Borders chain. According to their most recent information, some of the bookstores may be sold (...

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Feb 17 2011

Going gently into the good night

Well, the death knell has been struck: Borders has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company plans to close about 200 (out of 642) stores over the next few weeks, all of which will ...

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Nov 13 2007

Why, Borders? Why?

According to this article (from the business section of The New York Times), the Borders Group is planning to install two flat-screen TVs per bookstore, allowing them to broadcast "original progra...

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