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Jun 5 2019



I'm not sure how I feel about these angled bookshelves, which were recently featured in a home decor article on The Cut. They give off a vibe of fanciness for fanciness's sake, which I usually dislike, but...

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Mar 15 2019



Food52 just posted a list of "8 Clever Ways to Store Books if You're Short on Space". I can't get behind some of their ideas (don't store heavy stuff above your bed, people!), I love the idea of lining a hallway with bookshelves...

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Jul 3 2018

Decor goals


I'm not sure how I feel about Mandi Johnson's horse painting (I like charming kitsch, but I feel like that horse, uh, only half qualifies), but her IKEA bookcase hack featured on the blog...

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Feb 5 2015



Apartment Therapy recently posted a round-up of 10 "beautiful, bizarre, wonderful" designer bookcases. Only a few of them seem, y'know, actually functional, but they all look pretty cool...

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Feb 25 2014

Simple but awesome


I'm really liking these vertical book display shelves from Viktor Jondal/Miron Lior. They're only $15, and I'm pretty sure I see a little lip that supports the front cover as well as the bulk of the pages, so you wouldn't damage your books. (This is not true of many similar "artistic" shelving options.) Imagine one of...

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Sep 24 2013

Impractical storage


Most of me really likes this bookshelf, but even I have to admit it looks like the least-efficient book storage unit on the planet. The artist (Matt Innes) describes it as a "personal typographic bookshelf sized to fit just those books you go back to time & again", but I'm pretty sure that's just a fancy way of saying "ONLY FOR SHOW"...

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May 24 2012

So clever...


Check out this entry to Dwell's Live/Work Design Contest. Pretty brilliant, huh? Although any bendy items (like, say, magazines) would probably flop over that short little stopper.

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Apr 20 2012

Major cost savings


Did I ever write about this charming item from Anthropologie? The quirky little bookshelf every kitchen needs? The one costing $1,400.00, because the buyers at Anthropologie are straight-up insane?

I can't remember, and you'd think that would be the kind of thing that would stand out in my memory. Anyway...

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Sep 28 2010

Hipster cruelty

I am very fond of bookends, but I'm only mildly tempted by these "Glass Half Bookends" from Urban Outfitters:They look cool, and they're supposed to double as vases (although putting flowers in 'e...

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Sep 9 2010

Safety first

Check out this owl-shaped bookend from Etsy artist Aprilfoss:Pretty cute, huh? And, at $26, relatively affordable. Aprilfoss's owls come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, and each one sho...

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Jul 12 2010

Home improvements

Behold the Bookshelf Apartment. Sadly, it's not a real, lived-in space, but a structure built for the "Small Spaces" exhibition at London's Victoria & Albert Museum. I so want to live there. Or...

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Feb 25 2010

Look away, fellow OCD sufferers

...just looking at this bookshelf picture gives me a headache: I'm not sure why, but my brain is quietly but firmly declining to accept it.[Via Apartment Therapy]

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Jul 14 2009

Bibliophile home design?

...or not, as the case may be.I'm a big fan of the home decor site Apartment Therapy, but sometimes I'm amazed at how impractical they can be. Take, for example, this area, which they glowingly de...

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Jun 24 2009

Dubious DIY

I'm just not sure about this upside-down bookshelf project:It looks kind of cool, sure, but how do you get the books (especially the ones on the ends) down? And, once they're down, how do you put ...

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Jun 18 2009

Book nerd chic

Is it wrong that I really, really, really want to buy this?I mean, how many "conversation piece" furniture items are actually functional? Overstock is selling this library cart for $215.99. What d...

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May 11 2009

Books at work

Home decor blog Apartment Therapy has featured a lot of book-related pictures, links, and ideas lately. There's a post on making floating bookshelves that won't damage your books, an image of a bo...

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Apr 28 2009

Bibliophile home decor

Apartment Therapy has done a post on vertically stacked bookcases, featuring five types ranging in price from $110 to $298. I don't know: they might look cool, but I'm just not sold on these as a ...

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Mar 2 2009

Book storage with style

I just got the Chiasso catalog, which featured several covetable bookends. I particularly liked these:Bendit Bookends ($28 for a set of two)Hand Bookends ($38)Pretty, huh? I think I like the hand...

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Oct 24 2008

Barnes and Noble takes on furniture, with meh-inducing results.

Has anybody else checked out B&N's new "Home" section? Frankly, I would think that a bookseller would offer a more practical book storage solution than this:On the other hand, I did kind of like s...

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