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Mar 8 2012

Christmas is coming... eventually


Behold the Albatros Bookmark, a new kind of bookmark that does the active page-marking for you. After you insert your Albatros bookmark, it automatically re-adjusts itself as you turn each page, so your book always opens to whichever page you were reading last....

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Feb 8 2012

Useful cuteness


If you (unlike me) have been blessed with the virtues of patience and hand-eye coordination, check out this Origami Cat Bookmark tutorial featured on How About Orange. Pretty adorable, huh?

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Oct 26 2010

Smelly and useful

Behold, dear readers, ice cream-shaped and -scented bookmarks, available at ShanaLogic:I don't know about that $27 price tag, but the idea is... well, cute-adjacent.

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