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Oct 28 2008

Pirates, presidency, etc.

If you have a strict "try before you buy" approach to first time authors, please note that Silver author Edward Chupack has also written a few humorous essays on politics and piracy, available for...

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Mar 13 2008

The Fug Girls are at Powell's

Well, kinda. Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, creators of GoFugYourself are the guest bloggers this week for Sadly, they haven't talked much about books at this point (although ref...

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Jan 15 2008

Go Fug Yourself goes literary.

Y'know, I'm just not sure about this:I appreciate that the Fug Girls need and totally deserve to be paid for their work, but... a book? Nobody loves the Go Fug Yourself blog more than I do. I read...

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Nov 9 2005

Rumors and Blogs...

Okay... so I know that I promised to be back yesterday with news about our favorite authors but I kinda got sidetracked reading Jenny Crusie's and Meg Cabot's blogs. Jenny Crusie Ms. Crusie start...

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