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Aug 20 2019

One of the giants speaks


According to the Guardian, comics legend Art Spiegelman is claiming that he was asked to remove a criticism of Donald Trump from an introduction he wrote for Marvel. (It was really more of an implied criticism—he mentioned something about how "the Orange Skull haunts America".) The official reason...

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Apr 29 2015

Have they read it?


Well, this is just... unfortunate. In an effort to purge Russia of swastikas in observance of Victory Day, the holiday commemorating the Soviet Union's defeat of Nazi Germany, Moscow bookstores have removed all copies of Maus, Art Spiegelman's Pulitzer Prize-winning 1980 graphic novel about the Holocaust...

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Apr 14 2014

MetaMaus, by Art Spiegelman


I've had a copy of Art Spiegelman's MetaMaus gathering dust on my to-be-read bookshelf for almost three years now. I have always hesitated to review it, believing that Spiegelman's most devoted fans probably leapt upon it like starving lions the moment it was published, and suspecting that it would be of little interest to anyone else. I still think that's true, frankly, but as more universities and high schools assign Maus in their classrooms, it seems increasingly possible...

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Apr 14 2014

Weekly Book Giveaway: MetaMaus, by Art Spiegelman


Due to a crippling case of... well, laziness, mostly, I didn't get as much done last week as I planned to, which means our Comics Week is now two weeks long. (Sorry, non-comics readers.) However, that does mean we have another comic-related Book Giveaway: Art Spiegelman's MetaMaus, the ultra-fancy 2011 reprint of his Pulitzer prize–winning Maus, complete with loads of bonus materials and a DVD...

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