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Nov 4 2015

No cafe, though.


According to the Seattle Times, the very first brick-and-mortar Amazon store opened this week in Seattle's swanky University Place mall...

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Oct 14 2014

Amazon via bricks and mortar


According to GeekWire, Amazon is planning to open two pop-up kiosks in San Francisco and Sacramento for the holidays. Doors will open as early as next week, with no word as to when they'll close...

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Apr 17 2014



An author over at The Atlantic recently pointed out that's data-mining techniques seem to have inadvertently created a recommended-purchase list that serves as a helpful guide to setting up your own drug-dealing kit.

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Aug 12 2010

Low, lower, lowest

Slate just posted an article speculating that e-readers like Amazon's Kindle will soon be costing less than one hundred dollars. While this is certainly more reasonable than the 2009 price of rou...

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Jul 23 2010

Wave of the future?

According to The New York Times, announced on Monday that they've been selling more titles for its Kindle e-readers than hardcover books during the last three months—143 e-books for eve...

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Mar 6 2008

Amazon takes one for the team

As most of you probably know, Amazon purchased J.K. Rowling’s The Tales of Beedle the Bard at a Sotheby’s auction. The purchase price (of £1,950,000!!!) was donated to The Children's Voice campai...

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