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Mar 19 2013

Aim high


According to THR, Constantin Films is planning another film version of Alexandre Dumas's The Count of Monte Cristo. David Goyer will direct, Jeremy Bolt (of the Resident Evil franchise) will produce, and they're apparently planning to take a "graphic novel approach" to the story. I figured that meant something vaguely cartoonish...

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Aug 18 2011

A loose adaptation, clearly.

Okay, this is allegedly based on The Count of Monte Cristo, and I think I might have to watch it:

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Jul 6 2010

Did we really need another one?

Wait. So there's really going to be a new Three Musketeers movie, this time starring Milla Jovovich as Lady de Winter and that dude who played Percy Jackson as D'Artagnan? Wow... that was one of...

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Sep 17 2007

I covet...

We've blogged before about Penguin's Graphics Classics reprints, but their recent edition of Alexandre Dumas's The Three Musketeers is so awesome that it's worthy of its own post:Dumas's story is ...

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May 14 2006

Alexandre Dumas

Playwright and novelist Alexandre Dumas is so irrevocably linked in my mind with images of pre-Revolutionary France that it’s always a shock to remember that he actually wrote his books in the mid...

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